Tuesday, July 27, 2010

10 months to go

I am back at Moore. It seems that hard work, dedication and purpose is calling me. Within 10 months time, my MFA thesis will be nearly complete. This is my inheritance to myself- a declaration of my voice and inner secrets. My courageousness will guide me into the future of my interior world. After exploring a genealogical connection to Ireland, I will begin to explore my interior layers and connections. There is a need for an intense kind of attention to my work; the measure of my integrity will be to keep my eyes fixed on my star to which I belong. I need to risk my whole self and give over to my thoughts, dreams and passions at this threshold. I am more than ever willing to risk being a fool, experiencing humiliation and disappointments in to order to find strength in myself. But I will love fiercely and mindfully my work that is rightfully mine. It will not happen dramatically or grandly, but with subtlety, hard work and reflection.

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