Thursday, July 8, 2010


rubbings from this morning
Today was a relatively productive day. It began with a castle floor rubbing – and peeling of the paper. I used charcoal and ink and turf dust from the fire place and began to tear. The piece was interesting with the tearing. I then used the ink to print rocks. The paper ripped and took in darker spots. I really enjoyed the process. But it lacked something and quite frankly the edges were uncomfortable. 
So I worked on my model of the hazel. I am glueing the small hazel branches together. (Okay, if this gets enlarged, what kind of glue do I use? Would I use dowels?) I plan on turning the triangle structure upside down. Then I glued some the leaves and hazel branches to the paper. That looked too clever. So I inked them. Too contrived. So I pulled those away. Hmm... the original glue was there so I covered with burnt turf dust.  Lunch time. I hated the rubbings so I combined them. I was thinking about my bark paintings. I rubbed charcoal on the opposite side of the rock rubbing. I am not sure how I feel about any of this work. I just producing. My insecurities dicated a pause. I read some the books on Scot's desk for about an hour about landscape. You may be wondering - where is my turf for the fire? Well, it didn't arrive today beecause the delivery would have taken place at 8:00 pm. Our evening class is scheduled for then. So tomorrow it will arrive.. or so I hope. I am ready to work 3-d. The rubbings are very physical and I miss that in my work. After reading, I reworked one of the first rubbings. I like the idea of intesne layering over time. Last year, I had a serious decision about time in a paintings precsence. That when one approaches painting, moments and feelings change as does the painting. This is just the opposite process - layering over time and allowing those changes in the unconscious and conscious build up in the work. I also sewed two small pieces of canvas together (a direct inspiration from Bontecou). I have long been curious to see what would happen if I encorporated my fashion degree into this work. It is a vital and important part of me. In fact during the rubbings, I thought I was cleaning the castle floor; and the rocks were similar to kneading bread. Very domestic work. Is this an new element in my process? Lastly, I arranged some palette paper and rubbing scraps into the negative shapes of the torn paper. 
more ideas
a piece with leaves and branches pulled off

rubbings combined

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