Friday, July 23, 2010

the exodus has begun

I am packed... well I need clothes for tomorrow.  It has begun - the journey home. I did 10 more paintings. and plan on doing two tomorrow. Clarity and purpose have been achieved. for now. at this juncture of my existence.
it is process, not the long lasting effect of work, not the highly polished finished work - but the investigation. the unearthing. the ephemeral quality of my work emphasizes vulnerability. i allow nature to control my motivations. i have purpose and vision.
some day, i will live in ireland. this is home. not like a house, where all my pets and husband are and where it is comfortable. but home in a sense of belonging. of being in a land where i am supposed to be. when i was younger, i remember climbing and sitting on a brick wall in my backyard that separated my house from the convent. those kinds of wall are all over. when i was younger, i remember loving the light through the cobble stone church and imagined it was a castle. i have loved green fields and climbing on rocks since i can't remember. it was like i was born here before and somehow have remembered from a long distance past. as a catholic, i am unsure of my believes on reincarnation. i believe that we are here only once. but the sense of knowing in this land is too hauntingly familiar. forgot all this - it is probably the pint of Guinness.

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