Wednesday, July 14, 2010

hazel tree and turf burning

I will be posting pictures of the hazel and turf burning. I constructed a  wall around the hazel structure. Metaphorically, the structure is the interior existence one 's life; the turf wall is the wall that is created by our internal fears, like loneliness, abandonment, etc... maybe it is a bit cliche to discuss the idea of constructing an interior life and how one protects that interior life, and then the subsequent break down of those defensives.  i suppose it is a new idea that needs further discussion and development. The result was that the turf didn't burn well at all. the accelerate scorched the hazel structure very quickly, but never caught fire with the turf.  I will re do this with a less obvious structure like a hazel tee pee and a larger wall. I am thinking of weaving walls together into a spiral knot and then burning them together allowing no difference between the two elements. In reflection, the turf didn't take so well the fire, the hazel caught on fire too quickly, and the two elements were disparate in scale in combustibility. i am hoping to have a video posted soon if the internet holds up.

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