Friday, July 23, 2010

ideas percolating

I have new ideas percolating this morning. to do  a series of drawings - rather large. a series of fire, earth, wood, wind, water. I am still thrilled about last night's crit and can't wait to read my notes. last night, i was so excited that i couldn't sleep! i will research the elements and figure out what each one means to me. i plan on writing them to and then try them out in real time. i like the establishment of rules from charollette. setting up perimeters like a science experiment and study the results, but while i am in the process, i will give in to completely. today, i am going to start 10  large drawings of the castle floor. i can't believe that i am going to buy another large roll of paper, ink and charcoal - but what do i have to loose?

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