Tuesday, July 20, 2010

july 13

Gordon Darcy in the am and work in the afternoon. Did another rubbing in the afternoon. Tore it and glued it back ground paper. Gessoed over the crazy black and red drawing from the first week. Did another weaving project.  Organized the rubbings & tearing projects - regret tearing them before really examining closely. Sometimes I work too fast. Started to layer the turf into shapes - it seems to be uneven and not easy to burn. Not sure if the turf field will work. Tried the circle like Richard Long's circle in the turf. The burning of this material is not what I had expected. I also reworked one of the original stone prints. Instead of randomly placing the stones, I thought that I would arrange the stones in a pattern. The canvas is too small for the effect. The internet connection is not allowing me to post anymore images. So stay tuned.

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