Tuesday, July 20, 2010

just catching up before the end

I haven't been able to get internet access for a couple of days at the house; so I haven't been able to download my camera and load up pictures. So I took these photos with my camera and  sent them to myself at the school. Thank goodness the iphone works like a camera! Currently, I am in the computer lab instead of my studio taking a few moments before lunch to keep up my blog. Neglecting the blog is not a good feeling. After the conversation with Charolette, I felt really great about my work. I want to include more layers in my work. On the left, is a rubbing with ink and charcoal finished off with ink and gouache paints. The one on the right is gesso, ink and rock. I am letting it dry to see the effects. There is so much work to publish - but not necessarily the time or the resources to get it uploaded at the moment. Over the past few days, I have made a rock sculpture, several paintings, a print, sculptures, experiment with burning turf on paper, drawing with fire, and just discovering how many ways I can layer mediums on paper. I have had a wonderful time here. The time to create without any pressure has been inspiring and joyous. At home, there is the pressure of household chores, and during the winter, there is my teaching job, which is more stressful than I realized when I am looking back. And let's face it - what is more magical than being in Ireland? I get to play in castle, walk over ancient walls to find find fields full of bulls and cows, dogs that follow us through enchanted forests, and of course, the Guinness. Although I miss home, I can't say that I have been unhappy here. I love it here and really dream of coming back to teach this class with Moore or return as a resident artist. I also think of Ireland as my home and when I die, should I be grateful enough to get heaven, Heaven will look like Ireland and smell like a soft rainy twilight with turf burning in the air. Romantic, yes... but I am sad to say goodbye to the earth that feels so good here. 

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