Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kenny a renegade artist

There was once a renegade artist named Kenny. You know Kenny McCormick from South Park, always dressed up in parka. Well, he must have grown up and become an artist and moved to a new and magically enchanted land that looks like Heaven.
Kenny’s first sculpture was a creation of stone in the local and illegal style of the dolmans from the rocky place. This was fun for Kenny because it said “f*#~k you” to the authority. And it is cool to be irreverent to authority and try something that one can’t and besides, it was fun for Kenny to stack rocks.
Kenny also liked fire. Not because fire is primeval and fun. But fire, like water, can purify. The symbol of fires also integrates opposites- fire warms, but can burn. Like water can refresh, but also drowns. Dual meanings can signify death and resurrection, positive and negative and the desire to have reconciliation between such forces. Kenny wanted to create a symbol to burn fire on. He had heard from someone very smart and very cool that burning on rock would leave a permanent black stain – permanent for like 1,000 years. Wow! Of course, Kenny told his friends about this. They thought that was cool – like a tattoo or branding mark on livestock.
Kenny wanted to leave his mark on the land for many years. The land he loves so much and the land that belonged to his ancestors. See Kenny’s ancestors, maybe a generation or so ago, had to leave this lovely place because it wasn’t so lovely. First, the ancestors were hungry and poor. Like one in ten started to die of being so hungry. Then like one in 5 and by the time his ancestors moved away, like one in three were dying. Not just from hunger you see, but the landlords were throwing them out of the houses because they were poor. Then they went to work for money, but the work was awful. The ancestors were sick and had diseases that killed them too. Kenny’s ancestors left and they never ever talked about the place they left. It made them sad and sometimes means to talk about it. But you know they did say a few words… like people, mothers, died with green mouths because they ate the grass right one the road, you see, with their babies left screaming with loneliness to die soon too.  He imagined that his ancestors didn’t like to talk about how sad it was to leave your home and family. He couldn’t ever imagine leaving everything, while absolutely having nothing, at the same time to a strange new place. He was beginning to understand why his ancestors never talked about it. It must have scarred them and it did because the ancestors kept secrets deep insides. Secrets of loneliness, sadness, anger and despair as well as kindness, love, laughter and a strange sense of knowing how life should be.
Believing all this, Kenny wanted to leave his mark on the land. A mark that says life, death and resurrection. To tell his ancestors and their living descendants that he came back to tell them how much he loves them and to heal all the hurt and celebrate all the joy. There is a philosopher that Kenny likes to read, Kahlil Gibran:
“You were born together and together you shall be for evermore. You shall be together when the white wings of death scatter your days. Aye, you shall be together even in the silent memory of God.”

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