Monday, July 12, 2010


There are so many ideas bustling in my head. First, why paint? Scot spent some time talking about work with me today. I understand the idea of transferring an experience to a viewer that doesn’t necessarily always happen with paint. I learned about that when I went camping and realized that the yellow leaves and black trunks of the forest could never be captured in a single view of painting or drawing. I distinctly remembered the frustration of trying to draw that on site and realized that I will never be able to communicate that beauty. However, I do know that a painting is a more quite and private contemplation for that and me my sculptures are “in the moment” and interactive. This interaction allows for a different kind of experience – one that involves physical movement, something inherently opposite of quite contemplation.
Anyhow, can you tell that I have been reading my artist statement? Wish I had my Eva Hesse book with me. Will be checking out the library….
Speaking of libraries, I am hoping that the library has some great books on the idea of Celtic spirals.  Tonight I learned that it is called a “triskele” and carries meaning of land, sea, and sky as well as life, death and rebirth. Jackpot on that symbol, right?
In this piece today, I made a small sculpture and tried to weave a spiral shape in hopes that it would burn in a spiral. It didn’t. But it gave me an idea.. Could I build a spiral, like spiral jetty, and have it burn instead of sit there? I talked to Tim and Scot and about this… they both suggested I do some research and discover what kind of spiral do I want to do? Of course, a Celtic one! But ideas and drawings are going to need to be done.
Lastly, the paintings of the rocks have been stripped down and put into a woven pattern. Then I proceed to gesso the color down. I am sorry that I cut the large-scale drawings up and composed it into a larger painting. In viewing them later, I like them single units not as whole pieces. 

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