Wednesday, July 21, 2010

thursday july 22

today is our open studio and final crit. i am saddened to leave this magical place. i can't even tell you how i just want to stay here forever. The connections made here with the visiting artists, the resident artists, my friends from Moore and the staff of the BCA  were all positive and rewarding.  after graduating from moore, i  plan on returning to BCA as resident artist, especially since scot kaylor had established a symbiotic relationship between Moore College of Art and BCA and the other participants here that will hopefully continue as the program grows. but it is more than an intellectually simulating experience that draws me to this place. it is the connection to the land- here i feel like i am in the presence of ancient conversation between the rock, ocean, dirt, wind and rain. i feel like i belong in the consciousness of this place. call me terminally romantic, perhaps. i just want to dig myself into the land and grow like the moss. this land has captured all the imaginations of my childhood and satisfied my needs as an adult. hopefully, my commitment to myself as an artist will allow me to reveal this in my work and share this love affair with ireland. 

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