Sunday, September 19, 2010

aug 8

finished reading Marina Abramovic: Seven Easy Pieces. thinking about presence, being receptive to what happens to a mind when it mediates. tomorrow, i am going to sunrise yoga to open my mind and spirit. a year ago, i took my first picture on my new iphone. it was of morgan. who knew that a year later he would be dead.  today i read words by Paul Arden: do not covet your ideas; give them away; you just have to yourself in a frame of mind to pick them up . Arden also said: your vision of what or who you want to be is the greatest asset you have. So there is it: a vision of searching for yourself, or a quiet moment, in utter and sheer chaos. I have this moments of total clarity of who i am and where i want to be. and then, moments of confusion, self doubt and life looks at me like nature looks at death:  with extreme indifference. i think i want to talk about that: chaos. tomorrow i want to do a rubbing of hollyhocks. the confusion and randomness in which they grow is beautiful. inside each pod is a little life trying to push out and be itself. 

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