Sunday, September 19, 2010

wax and paper

Here are some works that I have begun.  These are investigations with gunpowder. Explorations of the random acts of fire. I also used wax. Wax can be more flammable than gunpowder so I wanted to play with those proprieties of melt and heat.
 This one is from late summer. I placed some holly hocks on the paper and sprayed some ink onto paper. One the right side, you can see the stem and the ball of the flower. Needs more work. The impression was not strong. But the concept is worth exploring.
Wax, both refined and natural, combined with red dot (the yellowish stain) and pyrodex (black). I like the solid wax with the pixelated gunpowder.

 Probably my favorite (left). Wax was poured onto flower pressing paper (another exciting idea - how to incorporate dried flowers into a work). When I heated the wax and wax paper, the paper become translucent and a bit boardy. The wax melted the dots of the gunpowder creating a heavy mass area. The heat did burn the paper - reminscent of turf burning on my last day in Ireland. The more gunpowder, the deeper the black. 
Just plain cardboard and gunpowder (right).On black foam core. The pyrodex burns so hot it melted the foam core and really buckled it. The white residue was a nice surprise. Looks like a giant water spot.
Just plain natural wax on pre-gessoed canvas. Natural wax meaning it still has the bee legs and shit plus the propelis (the dark spots). Not much, just love the wax.

This one below was on pretreated gesso with melted wax. The second gem of the group. The powder burns on the plain canvas become very blurred.  I should have gotten just plain canvas, both pregessoed and untreated to see what happens. Later in the week perhaps. 

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