Sunday, October 24, 2010

the day with Gillian

many thoughts:
1. casting bark in a translucent material to recreate a tree with lights inside
2. glass and wood a good idea
3. when i experiment with gunpowder, fire, water = where does it lead? what is the end result. the images of the trees early on verse the gunpowder tree
4. what am i interested in - the code of a hand or the hand . think Egyptian or medieval or byzantine art verses renaissance, particularly Raphael. think titian and Rembrandt verses Raphael. the idea of mystery in an image and symbols. still a hard thought, not sure here.
5. make work from the heart, not head. don't set a plan, let it be journey.
6. go big.
7. layers of burned and watered down paper to create a paper sculpture
8. working on the ground and going up

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