Saturday, October 9, 2010

heavy heart

So I tried gunpowder on a tree limb. Not impressive. I did however think it would be interesting to cast the bark of this wood and place it on a canvas or just make a mold. There are insects in this, so I will need to burn them out. I am thinking about drilling holes totally through the insect holes and adding lights. My original idea of placing glass in front of the wood seems overdone, but I should try it.

 After finishing my painting, I took out my other tree paintings. The blue one is from 2006 and the single orange one is from 2008. My original plan was to paint the same tree once a month for a year. Like a calender. But, I  bored easily. I did notice a pattern, that every 2 years I am inspired to paint the same tree. LOL. I wonder what that is. I question why I am doing an image? What is so fascinating about this image?  I found a picture that I took - one of about 45 pictures of the woods along route 70. A magical place for me. I noticed in the shadows the patterns of light and dark and I wondered - what if i took this image and played with it as a painting? I am struggling with making art and my husband's hip replacement surgery. The days are long as I have to deal to with everything - laundry, shopping, cooking. I never realized that he did everything so I could make art. the demo permit is ready and construction on the studio is making progress. Looks like it will be done in December! Yipee!

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