Sunday, October 10, 2010


I thought alot about what interests me. What do I have to say. I like the tree tops and how the limps connect to each and allow to light to pass through - sometimes the light clearly comes through, sometimes it is filtered. I like hollows - passageways to the inside of the tree. Shadows that show the object to be something, yet the shadow is not that object. These are precious spaces to me because it provides the medium and the trail of connection between all the separate and  different things. This space is a bridge between things - the hollows become an entrance to the inside. The tree tops are a space where light becomes filter and creates new light and shapes. Shadows because are they are only images of what is. Anish Kapoor calls this void of space an "in between space" and has to do with time. I believe these things - passages in trees, changes in light under a canopy of tree leaves and limps, shadows reveal a different world. I also see this in the ebb and flow of the ocean, the moon cycle, the change in seasons. In the 21st century, we are so far removed from the natural world that the patterns of nature are becoming lost. I know that I need to look up a moon calender to know what phase the moon is in. It wasn't always so for people who lived here before me- long before me. I know technology is great - technology allows me to keep a diary on line. However, I have sacrificed this life for the life of nature- the understanding to know the natural rhythms. I know that I am only one species of an entire world of living species and some how I feel lost to the others - that I don't belong to the earth. Just think of this - the squirrel in my backyard lives in a tree along with many birds and bugs and maybe even other critters. I just look at the tree and live apart from it - should I decide to cut it down - then I evict all those species. who left me in charge? I don't know what I am saying here - it is a mess. But sometimes I feel so strongly disconnected to the earth and sometimes I am so strongly connect with it.

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