Sunday, October 17, 2010

wishing for more time

Wishing so much that I had more time. Played around with a sculpture from last term - the stacked pieces with the tiny dowel. Well, I took the cut pieces and dropped them to split them. At first, I was going to cut it - but I thought a random crack would be better. I stacked some of the pieces, but still am organizing like a tree. So I took two tiny pieces and dremeled a line in both. Then added glass. The glass is thin and cracked, but it held. It won't hold more pieces. I imagine a tree trunk with glass and light. Transparency and interior light.

Earlier in the day, I used a sharpie and traced the outline of a shadow. the gunpowder gives the edges a fuzzy look like the shadows really do. I didn't get that cool reaction to the sharpie yet. Of course, this time, there was no oil paint on the canvas. There was  a great deal of black residue on the canvas, so I hosed it off. I plan on adding paint to it and lighting it up again.

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