Sunday, November 21, 2010

sweetness and light

So my casting from the cedar bark came out great. but the wax was another story. it seems that when i heated the wax, it seperated the propolis, honey and whatever else was in there and reconsisted it so the dark stuff was now more liquid than solid. Also I did not melt enough of the wax because it was too thin.  when i started to pull out the wax out of the form, the form tore. ahhhh. okay, so i bought rosin, i will do another casting, and try again.  however, some of what i pulled out, i love. the transparency of light and dark  is wonderful. i questions whether or not the bark is the most efficent form of skin like material to show a transparent skin. should i cast myself and put me in wax too? 

sweetness and  light

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