Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The garden is always in an element of change. Yet, it is always constant – the perennials come up year after year. Each spring, bees will swarm. Weeds grow too fast. Contradictions are great. For me, working with plants, flowers and bees is a threshold into the huge world of the nature. I am a witness to the ephemeral yet regular nature of flowers. My garden provides an opportunity to watch the passage of time and witness my relationship to a larger universe that I don’t always fully understand.

Working with sun and dirt, I think about the big questions: those of mortality, memory, history and our place in the fast-disappearing natural world. Other artists have also worked with living nature. 

If you’re interested, check out a few of my favorites: Alan Sonfist’s Time Landscapes in Greenwich Village, NYC, David Nash’s Ash Dome and Nancy Holt’s Sky Mound (1988-present), in the New Jersey Meadowlands. 
Bee Swarm

Bleeding Hearts


Fever Few



Honey bee on Catmint


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