Sunday, June 12, 2011

On my nightstand.....

I just finished reading Yvonne Rainer's Feelings are Facts. It seems that Minimalism has taken hold of my imagination in my recent sculptures so I have decided to research this art movement during my break between semesters.  Instead of diving into the theoretical books of minimalism, I have been reading the biographies of some of the key players. Is it any surprise that I pick a woman's story to read?
This weekend I just started reading Naked by the Window. This is the story of Ana Mendieta and Carl Andre. I am in such conflict with Carl Andre. His work is so incredible - especially his floor pieces. However, this accident/suicide/murder of his wife, Ana, leaves me feeling so ambivalent about his work. My thoughts on him are too complex for me to articulate at this moment.
However, I can say that I am not surprised to discover that I reach first for the stories of the people involved in minimalism. It seems that I need to unravel their lives to find a connection with mine. It is through discovering another artist's life- to unravel her beliefs, her personal stories and her gifts - that uncovers even more layers of myself. In making connections with other artists, I  learn to honor the sacred places I cherish in my heart, and  discover new opportunities to explore my voice.
me, Janine Antoni, Kristin Osgood, and Paul Hubbard
My next read is going to be about Janine Antoni . I love her attitude towards her own life and her work. I heard her speak at Moore College and loved her since. Stay tuned for the reviews....

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  1. Hi Laura. I like your blog. And now I have some new reading suggestions. Awesome!