Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A wholehearted life....

Me in front of Mass (Colder, Darker Matter)-no flash allowed
I had the opportunity to visit the Phoenix Art Museum and see Mass (Colder Darker Matter)  by Cornelia Parker .Presented as her featured work in the 1997 Turner Prize Exhibition at the Tate Gallery in London, this installation is constructed from the charred remains of a Texas church that was struck by lightning. I love how she not only contained chaos, but ordered it. Arranged it. Levitated it. Made us see it.
close up of Mass
I have been following her work since I started graduated school in 2009 and first learned about her. In retrospect, I should have included her in my written thesis – but I didn’t. I didn’t because I had never seen her hanging pieces prior to this. It felt fraudulent to write about someone’s work and how it may have influenced me when I never saw the actual piece. Ethically, I couldn’t do. I need to see the work, feel the work’s presence, see the work close up…. so much has been written about the “aura” of art, that I guess I bought into the need to see work first hand to feel comfortable discussing the work. True, I will never see all the great works of art in the world. But little by little, I am trying. So far, I have seen the major museum in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Venice, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Madrid, Paris, London, Philadelphia, Washington DC, New York, New Orleans, Phoenix, and Denver. It sounds like I am some kind of world-class traveler just showing off. I have been very blessed to visit these places – some of them in college for study abroad programs. The thing is – I love what I do. This is my life. I love studying, making and teaching art. I plan my vacations, family reunions, teaching conferences around the museums in the area I am visiting. Visiting museums, making art, teaching art, listening to others talk about art are the happiest and most memorable moments for me. It is what truly excites me in life. Even when I cook, I arrange the food in a fun way, gardening is a giant living canvas, and I leave crazy line patterns when I mop the floor. I know being an artist doesn’t conform to cultural stereotypes of success, but I am happy being who I am. 
For more photos, please visit my Flicker page. I also went to see Taliesin West - Frank Lloyd Wright's school, which was pretty cool, too. 

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