Saturday, July 9, 2011

4 to go!

There are four weeks left of grad school. I am working on two ideas for the final thesis. One is the salvaged wood of a boat. Here is it in progress. Currently, I think I am going to lay it on the floor. The second idea is of course the logs. The work done on the logs is completed at home during the weekend. The whole idea of burning and cutting the logs at school is not really possible. Some feedback on this work is that they need to be better connected. How do they interact with each? As a whole unit - as individuals? What a beautiful metaphor for life. Aren't we all trying to connect with each other? Aren't there moments when disconnect hurts? What would that look like as work? In formal elements, how does weight and volume interact with these structures? Where are the connections to the negative space and the positive space? How does the arrangement of these structures play a role in the connectedness? 

I was also told that I need to do more drawing. This is true. Since last winter, I haven't kept up with my figure drawing. I could use the excuse that writing a 30 page thesis sorta got in the way... but you know what they say about excuses. It is 6:44 am - a bit too early to fire up the chain saw... I can't wait for 9:00 am to get to work. In the meantime, back to reading about Richard Serra, correcting the thesis, general homework.
On a fun note, I saw a great show by Diane Burko at the Locks Gallery in Philly. She had her photos of snow on the first floor and paintings of snow on the third. Wonderful work! Click HERE to see the photos.

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  1. Just four more weeks of Grad school! That is so wonderful! I'm just in my third semester and I'm worn out already. It's not easy for me, but I'm proud of my efforts so far.
    Love your blog!