Friday, July 29, 2011

the august break

On Aug. 1, I start a new project: I am calling it my personal August Challenge.  Click the button "August Break" to the right of my photo. It is my last grad school and first post grad school project. The semester doesn't end until Aug. 6 and graduation is Aug. 13 ( a big round of applause). So this projects covers this major change in my life. It will be a challenge to record that one moment a day that will hold meaning.

At the start of my second semester here at Moore College of Art & Design, my professor, Jennie Shanker, asked us to keep a daily, visual journal for 2 weeks.  The documents would record an art project that we made that day.  We saw a video clip of  Bruce  Nauman and saw the Andy Goldsworthy movie Rivers and Tides. I selected to photograph the friuts and vegetables I picked and cooked from my garden and do a small painting every day of the moon cycle. In a karmic way, this August project relates to the beginning of my grad experience as it ends - completing a  circle.

Some questions that I have are :
what moments are worth highlighting in a day?
How will I recognize that moment?
Will the realization that "wow that was the image of the day!" - happen upon reflection of the end of day?
I had staged the original images of fruits and vegetables like still lives - and the moon paintings were done at the same time and place every night.  Do I let chance play a larger role in the decision making? Or do I continue to set up stages and photograph them?

An artist that I am looking at today is Andrew Bush. His passing by car portraits display the repetition that I love and have a sense of chance encounters. But he also seems to be looking for something in his images - an old car, an unusual person driving. Did he have the idea then shoot or did he see first and decide - "cool." then shoot the image?

I have a weekend to decide what daily image I will post. Going to the library to investigate...

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