Sunday, July 10, 2011

a day of sundays....

bark removed
piece taken out of the maple
3 opened logs
linked logs - no good.
I seriously worked on my logs yesterday. The log wizard is wonderful - but heavy! It added at least 15-18 pounds to the chainsaw. I am strong lady - but this was serious work! The wizard did a nice job on the bark removal. you can see in the photo. I opened one more log - with a sawzall and not a chainsaw. My chainsaw is connected to the log wizard - so I can't use it to cut. The piece removed is beautiful, too. I love the curves. So I  have three opened out of six and one bark removed out of the same six. Clearly, I need more time during the week to complete this work. I worked nearly six hours yesterday. I started to debark a second log and the log wizard jammed. I fixed it - a real simple issue- the screws loosened that hold the wizard and consequently loosened the chain. It took like an hour or so to figure it out- but only 10 minutes to fix. I now marked the screws and should they loosen again, I will stop to readjust and tighten them. The center one of the three needs some wood removed from the top and the left facing side needs some adjusting - its a bit awkward looking. I spent the afternoon trying to connect the logs like linked chains - but that was really stupid. The linked logs looks forced - not a natural relationship. I understand that I am trying to alter the tree element from these sculptures - but linking them doesn't solve that problem. It made the connections too forced and bulky. It worked on paper as a drawing/sketch. (Yes, I took my teacher's advice and did a few sketches yesterday morning) - but drawing doesn't permit me to understand volume and the spatial relationships of each piece. Maybe little trees from clay - but the idea is so strong in my idea that I just need to do the work. I need to open the forms, debark and burn them.
me and Brzezinski's work

Brzezinski's sculptures, Grounds for Sculpture
An artist that I really like is Emilie Benes Brzezinski. I saw her work at the Grounds for Sculpture in the winter. The work is a bit too literal for me. They still read very tree. If somehow I could make them a bit more like David Nash- then I'd have it!
An artwork entitled Black Dome (2011), by British artist David Nash

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