Monday, July 25, 2011

lingering thoughts

Friday night was the thesis defense/presentation. All went well... still reflecting the event in my head and will write about it later. A discussion today in class came up was how to extend the meaning of process in my current work of logs. Do I make prints? Trace? Use photography? How can I show repetition with these logs in the process of display? Since there are only 5 logs - the logs don't necessarily represent "serial repetition" - and I can't construct more logs in two weeks. Maybe in two months I could complete a series of 19 or so. But not two weeks (unless I had studio assistants and no classes...but I digress...)
The idea was a great suggestion. David Nash had done this as well with his three shapes - the circle/sphere, the square/cube, the triangle/pyramid.
Stay tuned for pictures of the next process....

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