Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Aug 31

A month of pictures- at the same time and different places. I axed the pm photo as I am not a late night owl, but rather an earlier bird. The three weeks off from graduation have been complicated. Paradoxically, restful and restless. Graduate school was a long time dream for me and I needed this time to regroup. Another better blogger than me stated it very well. Click here: White Hot Truth to understand more about the need to "detox" from a major project. September 1, I go back to work and back into the studio. A new chapter begins. Here, is the last of the 11:11 am August Break photos. Me - reading on the sofa. (FYI- it is a Duchamp biography).
Aug 30, 11:11 am, Asbury Park 


  1. I know I've commented it before, but I love your picrtures! I'm sure you don't realize that you have inspired me and given me a much needed boost in my Grad school studies. I was feeling burned out and considering taking a break for a semester. But seeing your success after such hard work as inspired me to push forward. Anyways, best of luck on your future endeavors! Keep us posted..........

  2. KEEP GOING! During my second to the last semester of grad school - I joined a gym. Who would have thought I would have had time, right? But I was stressing and stress eating. One day, my pants were just tooooo tight. Not just like a little bit tight, but omg, I am going to explode tight. It was the best stress reliever ever. It gave me energy to keep going and stay focused. For as much as an individual as I am- I preferred a group class at the gym. I just wanted to share that secret with you. :-)