Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1

August 1 by LPCheney67
The scene from my studio @ Moore College looking north. To the left is the Franklin Institute.
August 1, a photo by LPCheney67 on Flickr.
Although there are no rules for the August Break photo share, I really felt the need to impose rules. Rule 1: photos will be taken at 11:11 am. This is a magical time on a digital clock. All the numbers are the same - remember making a wish or yelling out: "caboose!" The other self-imposed rule is all images will be facing north. The last rule is that I am standing. Clearly, these will be difficult to maintain - especially when I am in public. Just think about it - but that added performative feature will be interesting, too. (I hope)

Later that day.....

 I took this too. Okay, so I broke my rules already. But I couldn't help it.  I will miss having studio mates when I return home. I wanted to take this picture of Cheryl's inks. 

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