Sunday, September 11, 2011

ah the weekend!

It seems these days that my posts are best written on the weekend. The week days are filled with studio hours, teaching, zumba, making work, and researching. This weekend started off with a blast as we headed to Philadelphia. My husband, Peter, and I  visited  Locks Gallery to preview  Neysa Grassi's new work. The series, entitled Rose Gatherer 2001-2011, was brilliant. Ms. Grassi's painting are ethereal, subtle, elegant and beautiful.  We also enjoyed the work of Rob Wynne while we were there. Mr. Wynne is an artist that I was not familiar with but after seeing his work in glass and mirrors, I am very much impressed. From Locks Gallery, we headed down to Moore College of Art and Design to see the Sneak Peek Exhibit of the graduate students and to visit my work one more time before the show was over. Being an alumnus felt cool. I had seen every one's work during a crit last summer, but something magically happens when the work is displayed for a show. WOW! This group of graduates, Kelly, Wendy, Sarah, Meg and Ben, are talented artists. The work together and individually was engaging. The show is on display until Sept. 24th. It is a must see event. The evening was wrapped up with tapas at Amada restaurant. Saturday night, we headed to the Perkins Center for the Arts for Salsa dancing and art. In between dancing and eating, we meet a really exciting artist named Laura Demme whose work was witty, humorous, elegant and captivating. What a great night! 

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  1. Although, I would never pretend to have the knowledge needed to completely appreciate art galleries, they are one of my favorite past times. I love strolling through art galleries and taking everything in. I always feel good when I leave, and I always take something new with me in the way of appreciation and perspective.
    And did I say I love your blog? Well I do. LOL