Saturday, September 17, 2011

sorting out ideas

Today was a great day to work in the studio. The day reminded me of my summer in Ireland- cool, overcasting, quiet. Perfect. Before I left grad school, I started to play around with the idea of capturing a moment in time. Instead of allowing time to alter my work, how can I freeze a moment. One way was to use a polyurethane resin. So I tried it. It just looks like a giant mess of paint chips, rope, and nails. But I tried hard not to suspend judgement on the art - but rather, just the idea of capturing a moment in this resin sit in my imagination.

This weekend, I took the paper that I made a few days ago and started to play around with it. I used wax, paints, inks, and resin... along with wasps wings, butterfly wings, and aphids. This collage of sorts resonates with my paradoxical ideas of nature as being breathing taking repulsiveness and beauty.  I mean part of the wondering in the tree trunk sculptures were the insects. Towards the end of the show, there were a few dead beetles that had dropped dead from lack of water. This morning, when I was gardening, I saw billions of aphids and aphid eggs on my milkweed plants. How could I resist the insatible curiosity of seeing of some many upclose without the replusion? Since I have taken the photos, I have reworked them a bit. These images are small - the two "pink" ones are  5"square  and the "blue" one is 8" square. Just experiments. I have no idea how  the polyurethane will react to the paper - let the alone the insects. Time will tell. 

Although my blog is not a source of juried shows or anything, I still felt the need to share this site with other artists: If you are looking for juried shows or grants, it seems to be a decent resource.

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