Thursday, September 1, 2011

Studio is open

playing in the studio
Today was the first day for teachers and the first day that I returned the studio after graduating. I have a few ideas about new work - but I wanted to "loosen" up today. First, I cut 5"x5" squares up of heavy tag paper.  Squares and circles are staple shapes for me. Moe Brooker told us in a crit that a square is balanced and doesn't allow for anything to dominate the composition. These small squares were perfect for experimenting. I didn't want anything to dominate the paper - rather I just wanted to explore and play. I collect everything I could for mark making that was black. I wanted to limit the choices so experimentation would dominate. Each square was done within a 5 minute (more or less) time frame. The idea was to work without the intellect interrupting the process. I will do some more tomorrow. Then, perhaps, a larger drawing will emerge from these studies. It was a good evening.

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