Saturday, November 19, 2011

SICA not Sotheby's!

Last night was the Shore Institute of Contemporary Arts 10th annual arts auction. Wow! This was also my first art auction to donate work to and attend. The first piece that came out (not mine) did not garnish any bids from the crowd. I swallowed hard and panicked. What if my work doesn’t get any bids? How will my piece stand up to the buying public? No longer was I concerned about the integrity of my work, the color composition, or anything I learned about making art – I was just lasar focused on the question of– will someone purchase my work? I sat and wondered if I would be humiliated caring my work home or will someone carry my work home pleased with his/her new purchase. I got another wine (a big glass, too) and waited for my painting to be carried out by the art handlers to the viewing public. There was no accounting for the buying trends  – conservative pieces sold, extremely contemporary pieces, large and small works, prints, and paintings…. No trends could have been culled. Of course, there were a few pieces that went into serious fighting- the drama was exciting. I put a few bids in for two pieces. But my offers were quickly rejected as the price went into the hundreds. As a schoolteacher, I just couldn’t afford it at this time. In the end, my piece did sell. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. An art auction is a fun place to be… the drama, the excitement, seeing the happy people leave with their new art. I will donate next year and sit through this new kind of critique. It was worth it. 


  1. Congratulations on your first art auction Laura. You are becoming an art rock star. I'm so happy your piece sold! How exciting!

  2. thanks for the encouraging words. it was a local art gallery - one of three - so that is good. my name is getting out there in my town. how is grad school going? is work getting any better now that you've been there for a while?