Thursday, November 17, 2011

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Last week, I took some time with a friend to visit NYC art galleries and shows. First, there was the New Museum's Carsten Holler's Experience, which is up until Jan. 15, 2012. I highly recommend it. Here are some pictures from the exhibited provided by A great adventure for me, my friend - not so great as she hurt her arm on the tunnel. I did have some reservations regarding the birds that don't see sunshine as well as the fish and gallery guards that must endure the flashing strobe lights. I wondered about their discomfort in order for the viewer to have an "experience." We spent hours discussing how does an "experience" constitute art?  The conversation was riveting. Just what my brain needed. If you are in the city, I say it is a must see/do. The other exhibit was Richard Serra at Gagosian Gallery. This was the first time that I saw his work in such an intimate space. My only other experience with Serra was his retrospective at the MoMA some years back. I loved walking around and in between these huge structures. It makes like being small. I feel like an insect in my wood structures.
Then, there was a reunion with my MFA colleagues and lecture at Moore with Anya Gallaccio, whose work I just adore. I wanted to meet with her, but I lost my courage. The last time I meet with an artist that I adore - hero worship took over my mouth and befuddled my words. I felt so foolish. I regret this decision and hope to someday talk to with Ms. Gallaccio in person.

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