Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Clancy's Farewell & the Wasp

I redid a work from this summer. This piece is from a salvaged rental boat found on the beach. I cut it up into planks, took the planks home and  cut the wood into 3" squares and finally assembled it. Any surprise why I admire Andre's pieces? I had shown it on the floor at 96" x 45". I changed it to 45" x 45" and glued the pieces to plywood - now it could be on the floor or the wall.  My favorite detail is the boating sticker.

I have been collecting bold face wasp nests. There seems to be lots of them around- but they are rather hard to get down from high in the trees. I want to open them up. Ironically, these are so fragile when you touch them, yet the nests survive all kinds of weather. It is chewed up pulp - like paper. 

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