Sunday, January 8, 2012


This month's Sculpture Magazine included an article about an artist that I really admire. Her name is Ranjani Shettar  and she is from India. Her work was in the MoMA show On Line. (for me a very influential show!) My favorite piece of the show was her bees wax bead and cotton thread piece. For more on this piece and to her speak about it, click HERE. 
What I find reaffirming about liking her work is the consistency of what I find interesting. I mentioned Ms. Shettar in one of my very first entries in this blog- "Monday morning rain."  It feels good to know that my artistic interest remain constant and not random and what I want to say seems to be cohesive. As an artist, I work in the studio alone. Everything I do seems so disconnected from each other. I paint with sea water, I collect wasps nest and bottle caps, I photograph images that I adore, I hack down tree trunks with chain saws, I look for old boats to chop into squares, I go for long walks on the beach/woods and just marvel, and I melt wax over dead bugs... then I sit back and  say "good grief, what does this all mean?" I don't have a visual vocabulary - how can I be a real artist?  But I am realizing, s l o w l y, that my visual vocabulary is my message not the medium with I choose to speak. My message is an interconnectedness with other living creatures, including all  human, plant, and   animal species. Anyhow, more on that later.
My piece, Clancy's Farewell, was accepted to the Monmouth Museum. I am very grateful. For more information, please look to the side bar. 

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