Thursday, January 19, 2012

Isn't ironic?

Entering for shows is a tough business. Some places ask for work to be delivered directly to the gallery and some places ask for images. Deciding which work to enter, which works are already out on a show, filling out the paper work, photographing the images - and every single show has different requirements for the dpi- that is the easy part. The challenge is maintaining the stamina to keep going after the rejection. Let's add an "s" to that -rejections. I read somewhere - forgive me for not directly quoting this, I just don't remember where I read it - "if you are not getting rejected, you're not entering in enough shows." 
I entered a show, Photography 31 for the Perkins Center, which opens Jan. 29, 2012. I did not get accepted. But, a funny thing occurred- someone bought one of my works. Ironic, isn't it. The work didn't make the show, but sold. 

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