Saturday, January 28, 2012

Making Opportunities

1. join your local art organization. Mine is the Monmouth County Arts Council (MCAC).
2. take every opportunity to show your work. 
This week, the MCAC sent an email asking artists to provide work for a local real estate agency, Resource Real Estate. This company is opening a new office in a town close to me. The broker is having an open house reception and wanted to highlight some local talent. I thought that was very generous of the broker to offer his time for this opportunity to display art work of local artists. He didn't need to extend himself - but he did. I am very grateful. So I extended myself. 
I don't know if I will sell anything- but it doesn't matter to me. My work is out there. And just this week, I was mentioned in several local papers for my piece at the Monmouth Museum. I have no idea where this article will end up or how this art show at real estate agency will go - but I am willing to try. I keep working and getting my name out there along with my work. I figure the universe will configure around my very best efforts. Like that movie with Jim Carrey, Yes Man, just keep saying "yes" to opportunities. Submit your images, go to the reception, drop off the work - find the time and just do it. 

October Tree, 2006,@ Resource Real Estate, Monmouth Beach, 

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