Monday, January 23, 2012

The Walking Quilted

My hometown was  a stop on the Underground Railroad. In this quaint town of small shops and houses is a wonderful little store called the Little Shop. For me, quilts were a part of my community and childhood.   There was a quilt show every year - both new and antique quilts were displayed. I loved the colors, patterns, the warmth and craftswomanship of these handmade artworks. Yes, craftswomanship because quilts are made largely by woman (I suppose there are a few gents who quilt).  One year, I fell head over heels in love with an old wool quilt. This quilt was jewel toned and very expensive. Too expensive for my mother to buy "someone's used blanket." 
A few years later, I bought a sewing maching and taught myself how to sew a quilt. A quilt in a day pattern - log cabin squares. My seam allowance was 1/16 of an inch because I thought I was wasting fabric by using a 1/4 inch. And after spending so much money on a sewing machine, batting, fabric, scissors, and needles - I wasn't going to waste a thing! After the quilt's first wash, I quickly learned why one needs 1/4" seam. I still have that quilt - it is mostly held together by pins. 
My love for sewing lead to be a fashion designer. But I didn't necessarily love fashion. I still love to quilt - my piece "Around the Block" is based on a quilt pattern called Lincoln's steps. There are many cloth and wood quilts floating in my head and waiting for the day they can be alive. 
If you love quilts, you will love this site that I found. Soon, I hope to post one of my quilts - teacups - on this site. I admire the woman who put this together. She's connecting women, places, time, and art. Give the site a look.

Finally ... the picture...

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