Sunday, February 26, 2012

CENTERpeices by Jennie Shanker

On Saturday, my husband and I drove up to see an opening of CENTERpeices. Jennie Shanker writes "The Center for Discovery announces a special event for the opening of The Harris Observatory, a temporary project by Philadelphia-based artist RICHARD TORCHIA. This is the first of a series of projects developed for CENTERpieces, a cultural initiative, curated by Julie Courtney and Jennie Shanker, of planned architectural interventions using vernacular structures. "

At the Center for Discovery with Jasmine. What an art hound!

Chalk drawing on the floor. The circle outlines the sun.

Watching the earth move around the sun. Can you see the sun is no longer  in the circle?

Images from the lens. It was like I was in the camera.
The opening was in Hurleyville, NY. It was very exciting to see this project come to fruition. Over the summer, Jennie (my professor at Moore College of Art & Design) would explain to us that she had to go fix a roof or organize something else for the project. The installation, set up in a geosphere, by Richard Torchia was  a kind of camera obscura. When we entered the geoshere, the interior was completely dark because of the snow clouds had eclipsed the sun. The acoustics in the building made my depth perception all screwed up. I couldn't detect  how far or near voices were to me. Those that were close had muffled voices and those that were far had voices large and loud. When the sun entered back into the room, everyone started holding up these discs to see the images reflected in them. Images like the trees, birds on a feeder, and ice melting appeared upside down on the discs. Essentially, I was in a camera. The best part was when Jennie showed me the earth moving. She  circled the image of the sun casted onto the floor and we observed the sun move from the circle. This literally was watching the earth move. I was amazed at how fast the earth moves and we never feel it.  My husband made a video of the sun on the disc coming through the clouds. Behind the disc is the roof with holes pierced in it. The pattern of holes represents the location of the stars in the sky. The image of the disc looks like the earth in the solar system to me. It was a great event. I hope everyone gets a chance to see this visually and intellectually stimulating experience.  

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  1. thanks Laura! it was so great that you and Peter could make it.