Friday, February 17, 2012

Conferences and blogs

On my blog list is Joanne Mattera. Anyone interested in the New York scene should read this blog (even if encaustics are not your thing). She also wrote the most comprehensive book on encaustics. Additionally, she is founder/director of the encaustic conference in P-town, MA. I have never been to an artist’s conference – just art teacher conferences. I am seriously considering attending this year. The cost is a bit pricey, so I haven’t confirmed my reservation yet. But I know from years of attending the national and state art teacher conferences the value of the connections that I created, the lessons that were learned along with the ideas that were shared.  This International Encaustic Conference is definitely on my radar. 
Speaking of conferences….
Last November, I submitted my work to the National Art Education Association Women’s Caucus. They have a digital exhibit, publish a color catalog and a session celebrating the artists. My work, along with a few others, was accepted. I will be speaking about this work at the session. To say that I am thrilled to speak about my art in public and in New York City is a true understatement. I am very honored and grateful! It is the first time that I will be speaking about my work since my MFA disseration. The session is March 2, 12:00 - 12:50 PM, Hilton Gramercy Suite A, 2nd Floor.

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