Saturday, February 4, 2012

Painted Bride @ Philly

Last night, I attended an exciting opening at the Painted Bride- "Reforesting: An Homage to Gil Ott" featuring poet Julia Blumenreich and visual artist Wendy Osterweil.  Upon looking into the gallery on the first floor, one was greeted by an ethereal installation of gauzy, transparent tree forms. The lighting was covered by cut paper which enhanced the magical glow on the vertical forms. The scene was elegant and light. Also on the first floor was a suspended boat - this was my husband's favorite piece. The combination of silk and wood felt natural. The second floor was connected to the first floor by a bark piece that was installed opposite the stair well. The second floor had more cut paper peices, photographs and wood sculpture/assemblages. There was much high quality, orginial work exhibited by the artist, Ms. Osterweil. Also, there were scanners for your smart phone on which you could hear the poetry of Julia Blumenreich. This use of  technology into this show was brilliant. I loved all the hand crafted pieces - from the dyed and sewn fabrics to the painstakingly cut paper sculptures - on addition to using my iPhone to hear the poetry. The show was well attended and it is up until March 17th - so don't miss it!

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