Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Photographs @ The Gallery 13

Saturday Feb 4 @ 6:00 I will have two images, taken with an iPhone 4, on display at The Gallery 13 in my hometown of Asbury Park, NJ.
The idea of having a photography show solely based on the image being created by a cell phone is great. This could have only have happened in this century.  Love that idea - very progress of John Vigg, curator of this show.
The first is Seafoam, 2011. I love bubbles. Seafoam is just a mass of sticky, slimy salt water bubbles. The way the sunlight hit these bubbles looks like clouds or some kind of snowy arctic landscape.
The second is Still Life, 2011. This image is  contemporary commentary  of the Baroque still life paintings, particularly from the Netherlands during the early 1600's. Those paintings and this image (altered by Instragram) reflects the emphasis on the home and personal possessions. However, the want of material things like champagne, fine wines, expensive cheeses, is a sober reminder that these desires are vain and pretentious. 
Please come out to the opening - I look forward to seeing you there. 

Seafoam, 2011
Still Life, 2011

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