Sunday, March 4, 2012

First Night Fun @ Asbury Park

Saturday is First Night in Asbury Park. Most towns and cities have first nights. It is a great way to get out of the house and mingle with your community. However, I must brag. Asbury Park though has the coolest First Night. We have several great galleries, an abundance of excellent restaurants and fine merchants, plus the lovely architecture and the smell of the salt air from the beautiful beaches. 
First, let’s talk wine. Lush Wine Merchants on Cookman. It is a new store in town that is just perfect for the BYOB restaurants. A friend of mine was going to Taka, a Japanese restaurant, and wanted some sake but not a large bottle – just a taste. Sure enough, Lush had a small bottle of sake and lots of other wines in small restaurant style sizes. (one looks like a juice box- you should have heard the commentary and laughter around that.) Brilliant. The owner is from Dublin and came over as a bomb expert after 9/11. We talked Ireland for a while. He was married in Doolin – near the Cliffs of Moor. Of course, I left with some well-recommended libations and lots of smiles remembering fondly my trip to Ireland. 
Then it was off to Gallery 13 for their new exhibit: Lo-fi. An exhibit featuring toy, instant, plastic lens, etc. images. It was nostalgic and beautiful. Parlor Gallery had a closing night for their Pink Noise show. Fantastic and fun.
Our final destination was SICA. The show was called OCD: Obsessive Compulsive Design. Amazing. Lots to say about this show. It was energetic, contemporary, and innovative. Asbury Park is very lucky to have such a progressive gallery in town.
Let’s start with this piece by Megan Suttles , a Brooklyn based artist. The piece hung on two opposing walls. The images don't this piece justice; however one can imagine the flickering light casted onto the packing tape even from this poor shot. I could crawl underneath the piece. The energy of this work was felt throughout the room.
Concealed, Packing tape and Mono filament, 2010
Concealed, Packing tape and Monofilament, 2010
      Next, was David Amrose's pieces. This one, Conspiring Marginalia, watercolor with gouache on pierced paper, 2011, was tantalizing. I got lost in the spaces of color and texture for quite some time. I could only photograph this one because there were so many folks standing up close and marvelling at the detail. I had wished my artist friend Kristin Osgood Lamelas was with me - she would have admired his work. 

Conspiring Marginalia, watercolor with gouache on peirced paper, 2011
There were two pieces by Hyo Jeong Nam. Her images were loop-to-loop ink drawings. Captivating and meditative - I admire her control to repeat the endlessly motion to achieve a high level of detail. My apologies for not taking the best images - SICA was really crowded and I had difficulty negotiating the crowds.

Heredity II, ink on canvas, 2010

Into the Center I-III, Ink on canvas, 2011

In the corner, but certainly not out of the way, was a stoneware piece by Jane Craven Proulx called Thirst, 2010.  A scattering of spherical  shapes just quietly sitting there - I wanted so much to touch and hold these pieces. They seemed so fragile and lonely. 
detail of Thirst, stoneware, 2010

Thirst, stoneware, 2010

There were quite a few other wonderful pieces, but again, impossible to get near and photograph. The crowd was immense. The show was amazing. A special thanks of gratitude to Nicole Shaub for curating the show along with Doug Ferrari. 

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