Monday, March 5, 2012

Inspiring Women: A Celebration of Visual & Culinary Arts

me, with Another Farewell to Clancy, 2012

Kim and Laura
Marilyn Schlossbach and  Peter Cheney

Kim, cupcakes and her artwork. 

Tonight I attended an exciting event, which was hosted by ArtPride NJ Foundation, The New Jersey Restaurant Association, and the National  Ovarian Cancer Coalition. The event was Inspiring Women: A Celebration of Visual & Culinary Arts. The celebration was at the Hospitality House, the New Jersey Restaurant Association headquarters at 126 West State Street in Trenton. The event is the kick off of a month long exhibit that showcases the talents of New Jersey women artists and chefs. The opening night reception was extremely well attended. Let's be honest - chefs and artists can throw a great party! Asbury Park's Marilyn Schlossbach of Kitschens Hospitality Group - Langosta Lounge was one of  the culinary artists who graciously provided food and  Kim Defibaugh, visual arts supervisor of Toms River School District, exhibited her work. I must say the artwork was carefully curated - Kim's work made the cupcakes look perfect. The artwork was placed to enhance to food and vice versa. The evening was a beautiful connection between the women who are leaders in the culinary arts and those who stand out in the visual arts in New Jersey.  Chris Christie, the Governor of NJ, wrote of the evening, "The sheer amount of talent and creativity on display tonight ensures an enriching experience that will stimulate the senses of everyone in attendance." He didn't lie. I tasted duck for the first time from D'Artagnan, ate sweet fresh oysters from the Milford Oyster House, enjoyed exquisite goat cheese ravioli from Terra Momo, and loved the mini cupcakes from Hudson County Community College - okay, let's just say everything was delicious. The artwork was wonderful as well; I was truly humbled to be showcased next to these talented, awe-inspiring women. Pieces by Kiyomi Baird, Aylin Green, Ellen Siegel, to name a few, graced the halls of this lovely building. I was more than honored to participate and graciously thank Ann Marie Miller, executive director of ArtPride NJ,  for inviting me. 

For more information, please visit Ann Marie Miller, director of ArtPride NJ, blogsite:  click here.

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  1. Wow! Thank YOU, Laura, for being part of a great event. You described it so well, and it was fun ! I am humbled by the talent and grateful to be connected to our state's hard working restaurant community, too!