Sunday, March 18, 2012

Janet Biggs

Ms. Janet Biggs on the right, and me one the left.
The Mall in Washington DC
This Thursday, my husband and I drove down to the Hirshhorn Museum to see a preview of Janet Biggs new work, Kawah IjenMs. Biggs also showed her Arctic Trilogy and spoke about her two residencies to the Arctic Circle. Her work is compelling, dream like, and beautiful. Ms. Biggs use of music in the Arctic Trilogy was amazing. The music for Fade to White made me really feel like I was in a dream. In Brightness All Around, the music enhanced the anxiety and fear. I am eager for her to show her new work closer to home. The preview that I saw elicited such compassion for the miners. Ms. Biggs is a talented and insightful artist- I am proud to say that she and I share the same alma mater - Moore College of Art & Design, as well as an interest in the Arctic Circle. This trip was two fold. One to meet Ms. Biggs and secondly, to learn more about where I am going in 2013. That's right - I am heading north. I am honored to say that I am a 2013 Arctic Circle resident. There's 18 months to prepare physically, mentally and creatively. I hope you check in to see how I make the most of the coming year and half and of course, stay tuned for the details on the trip to the Arctic Circle. 

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  1. So excited for you Laura! I hope you were able to ask her about her experiences there and how to better prepare.