Sunday, March 4, 2012


Friday was spent in NYC at the National Art Education Association Conference. I arrived at 8:00 am and saw one of my most favorite artists - Janine Antoni. Her lecture was markedly different than the one she gave at Moore nearly a year ago. Ms. Antoni knew her audience – she spoke directly to education and to the creative process. Then, she shared some of her works with the audience and encouraged each of us to become inspired as teachers and artists.
At 12:00, I spoke about my work at the NAEA Women’s Caucus. This was a wonderful platform that allowed women to bear their soul, speak about life experiences, their research, their families, and exhibit their work in a public forum. I was humbled and honored to be apart of this event. Click HERE to link to the catalog.
The rest of the day was spent researching unit ideas for my students on ecology and the environment. Recently, I was awarded the residency of my dreams. (more on that later). I now need to find some funding sources to help defray the cost of the travel. Education grants are the best way for me to explore that. I am now in the process of writing grants and researching some unit ideas.  The residency is not only for me but also to share and inspire my kids to love this earth. If I can’t share the trip of a lifetime with my students in the most productive and inspiring way – why bother going?
Overall, the day was inspirational and productive. What conferences have you been too? What resonates most with you after the conference? Share your thoughts with me.

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