Sunday, March 11, 2012

Paper Making

During the summer at Moore, I meet an artist who made paper from jeans. He really inspired me to learn how to make and sculpt with paper. Just recently, I took a class at Dieu Donne in New York City.  Here are the results: 


  1. They look like abstract paintings! How did you get the patterns into the paper?

  2. It is a two part process. First, make the regular paper. While the first layer is still wet, add a second layer. Instead of using a screen - use something with holes in it and a pattern. Think drain boards for the kitchen sink, lace, etc. The hearts were cut out of plastic to make the shape. If you live near NYC, taking an evening workshop at Dieu Donne will really expanded your papermaking skills. I provided the link in my blog - just click on it. Good luck to you!