Sunday, April 8, 2012

Choose Her Undies...

Some women just know what to wear. Some women need their best friends to help them with style and fashion. And some women, well, they need YOU. A colleague of mine really needs your help. She needs you to pick out her underwear for her. You select the garments, she wears them and will post the pictures of your selections on Facebook. No joke. Check it out:

Sarah writes: This project asks people to make a candid decision about my intimate apparel, based on my physical appearance. This project is based on you. You view my image, and choose my underwear.  The
garment must have tags on it, and the return address must be listed for your choice to be included in the project. All accepted garments will be posted on this page, worn by me
There you go. Please help her out and link to her Facebook page. 

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