Monday, April 23, 2012

Exhibit Opportunity in Red Bank, NJ

This weekend, a friend of mine had a work of art in Gallery U of Red Bank, NJ. Lou Storey is a pretty famous artist in this area. He encouraged me and every artist that I know to submit work to  Gallery U. Why? Because as the website states: "GALLERY U the best emerging artwork in the world. Gallery U is part of Universal Institute Rehab, which services individuals with traumatic brain injuries. The Gallery is a vocational training program for people with disabilities to get back into the work force. U also offers a unique art therapy program and some of the artwork is handcrafted by the clients."  
The gallery is also a boutique with some pretty cool vintage clothes and bags. 

What I like most about this gallery is that it offers the emerging and established artist a chance to exhibit his/her work. Any artist, whether professional or beginner, should  be able to communicate ideas and feelings through the creation of works of art and share them with the world. Gallery U offers the community to respond to, interpret, and evaluate the complex characteristics of works of art. Because this gallery understands the roles and functions of art, the artist is able to enhance his/her ability to understand, observe, and relate to everyday experiences through his/her work.  At the same time, Gallery U is offering the opportunity for people with  traumatic brain injuries a place to work on a daily basis in order to generate an income, build their self esteem and participate in vocational training. All Gallery sale profits goes towards the gallery rent, the client's pay and to purchase art supplies for artists with disabilities.

I love this photo. The artist here is being photographed by her love. She is so beautiful and so happy. What is more joyous than artist celebrating her creations with the world? 
Here's me - in front of Lou's Dizzy in Venice painting. 

For information on submitting work to Gallery U, please click here:

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