Saturday, April 7, 2012

It's not all glamour...

After three hours of hard work, ten trees from the original 22 of All Trees of Wood Shout for Joy, 2009, were hung yesterday at the New Hope Arts Center. The opening reception is April 14 from 6-8. The pictures will be very different then. I will be dressed up, there will be crowds and laughter. But today was the grunt work. The best part of being an artist, really, is installing the work. On the ladder is my brother in law, Lenny. The ceilings were super high and lucky for us, Lenny has no fear of heights. My husband calls me Martha Stewart during art installations and calls himself "the boy". However, I disagree, I am always nice and calm during set up time. Seriously, this time, I was very calm. This has always been one of my favorite installations. Every time is hung, the arrangement is different. I love that. It is never the same ever. After five set ups of this work, I have learned that work sets itself up. The pieces just seem to know where they want to be - there's always enough braided steel wire, enough hooks in the ceilings - it just comes together so naturally. By the way, fellow artists, please remember to bring a camera with you when installing your work. All these shots were taken with my iPhone 4s - not a bad camera, but certainly not professional. 

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