Sunday, April 22, 2012

Looking Back - the New Hope Arts Center Review

Nura Petrov, Interconnecting Loops

John McDevitt, Opening 7

Gina & I with Growth

All Trees of Wood Shout for Joy (10 out 22)

Dana Stewart, Osioue Femme

Simone Spicer, Garbage Patch

Dana Stewart, The Singing Wall Rat

Simone Spicer, Pumped
There was a great review for this show in the Philly So I won't elaborate too much. I must say that New Hope certainly has earned its reputation as an artsy city. The large, open space of the New Hope Arts Center was packed.  The crowd was extremely engaged in the artwork, and the folks were friendly and eager to talk art. The food and wine spread was generous and delicious. It was also a pretty nice to share the event with a fellow Moore College of Art & Design colleague, Gina D'Emilio. Her work, Growth, was in the show as well. On a deeply personal note, I must confess that having my artwork shown in New Hope was a goal of mine many years ago - one that I had almost forgotten I  had made. When I first started to paint again, nearly 15 year ago, I wanted to show my work in New Hope. I would visit New Hope and and just dream about my work in the galleries. So this was an especially wonderfully evening. My dreams are different today - but it is sweet to look back on something that I wanted so badly so long and ago and feel that satisfaction of achievement.  

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