Wednesday, April 11, 2012

new work

I am at the mid way mark for my vacation and summer has never looked so good. For the first time in three years, I won't have to commute to Philly for grad school. I actually can spend my days in my own studio, in my garden and with my dog. This spring break is a preview into that luxury. Speaking of preview, here's something else... new work. I painted the pattern first on paper- something that I have never done before.  An unusually conservative approach for me - I typically jump right in. There are three wooden squares on top of the paper. I wanted to get a feel for the colors and critique the work before all the cutting and gluing was done.  The other squares are clamped and drying. The heavy red wood is from an 18th century barn outside of Philadelphia. The quilt pattern is barn raising - an idea based on the Amish barn raising. Traditionally, the center square is red. To play on words, I may title the piece - barn razing - since the barn is gone. We'll see. The work should be finished by tomorrow. The glue will take about 72 hours to dry. Then I post a more proper photo. 

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